AVCHD to MPEG Mac is the most important function of Mac AVCHD to MPEG Converter, a professional conversion tool used to Convert AVCHD to MPEG Mac. Actually, AVCHD Convert MPEG OS X or to convert avchd to mpeg mac is an easy thing to achieve.

When we talk about avchd to mpeg for mac, we can't help conceiving of Mac AVCHD to MPEG Converter. Certainly, this converter is worthy of praising. It can convert AVCHD video to your portable players, or edit your AVCHD video in professional way. The most important is that the specialized AVCHD to MPEG Mac Converter is always serving for users to realize their dreams, which is to convert avchd to mpeg mac.

Using this wonderful software, you don't need to sit in your room to see films or listen to music, you can easily enjoy yourself anytime anywhere. Outdoors, find a comfortable place to watch films on your ipod or iphone.

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Why We Select Mac AVCHD to MPEG Converter?

1. This gift allows you to make avchd convert mpeg os x. This is the best thing that it can give to you.

2. AVCHD to MPEG Mac provides any powerful editing functions such as Merge, Trim, Effect, Crop and so on. Therfore, during the period of avchd to mpeg for mac, you won't feel dull and uninteresting.

3. You just need a few clicks to complete avchd convert mpeg os x. It converts at a super fast speed(>400%), completely support Intel dual core CPU or PowerPC G4/G5.

4. Last but not the least, this excellent converter can well customize output parameters.

You can adjust output Video Encoder, Resolution, Frame Rate, Video Bitrate, Audio Encoder, Sample Rate, Channels, Audio Bitrate. For Resolution, you can input your own parameters if the pre-set can not meet your needs. For the well-customized profile, save as the "User-Defined" profile for your later direct use.